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Decorated Stand-Up-Cup


Decorated Stand-Up-Cup

Stand-Up-Cups are great for children just starting to learn to
drink on their own, but who are still a tiny bit wobbly and
uncertain when it comes to putting their cup back up-right on the table.
This sippy cup has a roly-poly bottom with a weight in the base, which
allows the cup to right itself up if it’s put down crookedly.

It simply can’t tip over! The cup’s handles are nice and big and easy to hold. To assist your child in learning to drink on their own, the cup comes not only with a mouthpiece, but also with an additional drinking lid piece, for the second stage of drinking.

You can use this drinking lid piece when your child has learnt to use the sippy cup confidently.

The Stand-Up-Cup holds approx. 200 ml, is made of high-quality Polypropylene (PP) and is BPA free!

Our Stand-Up-Cup complies with European Standard EN 14350.

Article number:
34131 Stand-Up-Cup