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Pacifiers without ring, orthodontic baglet size 1-2


Pacifiers without ring, orthodontic baglet size 1-2

Our pacifiers without ring are available in a range of trendy colors and designs. They are made of high-quality Polypropylene (PP) – which makes them very lightweight and naturally BPA* and BPS free!

Soothers without rings are often called bed-time soothers – because when your child is in bed and turns its head, there is no ring on the soother that could be uncomfortable or restrict your baby’s movement. But these pacifiers can also be used in the usual way during the day time. The pacifier’s easy-grip knob and shield are large enough for your child to be able to grasp the soother on their own, even without a ring.

* in accordance with VO (EU) Nr. 10/2011

This soother design with an orthodontic shaped latex and silicone baglet is available in two different sizes depending on your child’s age:Size 1 for babies aged approx. 0 – 6 months
Size 2 for babies aged approx. 6 – 18 months

All of our pacifiers comply with the European Standard EN 1400.

Article numbers:

24120 – Latex Size 1
24140 – Latex Size 2
24220 – Silicone Size 1
24240 – Silicone Size 2